Rain Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Bren-Mark Window Cleaning is committed to providing reliable, year-round service to our customers. Sometimes here in the Midwest Region, the weather does not make providing our service very easy. However, we still take responsibility for the quality of your service, regardless of weather. And because lousy weather is inevitable, we have learned special techniques that allow us to clean during these times and still get great, long-lasting results. Also, our cleaners are paid on a commission basis. They are only paid if they complete the job to your satisfaction. This means their paycheck is directly dependent upon your satisfaction. All this keeps the service on schedule, the windows clean and the customers happy. So, for these reasons, if the weather is looking bleak when we arrive, we ask that you still allow us to clean your windows.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our service that if the weather is looking bleak, raining or even snowing, we politely ask that you let us clean your windows. Within 24 hours after the weather has passed, if you are not happy with the results we will gladly come back and touch them up for free.

Safety 1st. If weather conditions are such that it is unsafe to clean, we will return or reschedule when conditions allow. In addition to being bonded and insured, we also follow all OSHA regulations. The safety of our staff is always our first priority.