Maintenance Program

Worry-free window cleaning at your business or home.

If you run a business and you wait until you notice that your windows are dirty to call us, it’s too late. But unfortunately your customers have been noticing your nasty windows for a while. You run a tight ship so how could this be? Because you are always at your business, the dirt creeps up on you so slowly that you don’t notice how bad the glass is looking. Then one day it dawns on you that you can hardly see through your windows. You aren’t the only one that has ever had this happen. Your goal should be to keep your glass looking good consistently, not just once or twice a year. This is just good business. Clean, well-maintained windows convey a sense of pride in your business to current and potential customers. Sometimes the slightest advantage will tip the scales in your favor. In this economy, you deserve every edge you can get. Whether it’s as simple as cleaning the exterior of your glass more often than the interior, let us customize a maintenance schedule that works with your budget.

Owning a home requires a lot of work if you want to keep your property looking nice. Cleaning the windows is traditionally one of the least-favorite tasks a homeowner faces. Conversely, cleaning your windows is an easy way to make your home look great. Realtors will tell you, if you want to sell your home, clean carpets and clean windows work wonders when showing potential buyers you have taken care of your home. Even if you’re not putting your home on the market, treat yourself to our reliable service. We’ll create a schedule that will meet your needs and even call you ahead of time to remind you we’ll be coming. Let us help you be the envy of your block.