Chandeliers look beautiful when they are clean. Unfortunately they not only get dirty and dusty but also are usually out of reach for the average home-owner to clean. This is where we come in.

Chandeliers, and the homes in which they hang, are all unique. Over the years we have cleaned many different varieties of chandeliers of all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of difficulty in reaching them. Some required building scaffolding or rental of a lift while others only required simple 6′-12′ A-frame ladders. It is for this reason that we always need to see the chandelier and its surroundings before we can provide an accurate estimate on cleaning it. (Sometimes the simplest piece to clean is the most difficult to reach, and vice versa.) Over the years we have learned a few different ways to approach each challenge. From removing, polishing & replacing each individual piece by hand to spraying the entire chandelier with our special formula and simply letting it drip-dry we can provide a solution that can fit both your budget and your expectations.


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