What’s our secret?

What’s our secret?

Make the windows “happy” while providing fantastic customer service from start to finish.

Here’s our philosophy: If you make the windows happy, you will make the customer happy. Here’s how we make the windows happy: Clean the glass, detail the edges and wipe the sills. Do that for each and every window and Bam! Happy Windows.

Now add a window cleaner that takes tremendous pride in his/her work. In fact, the cleaner will ask the customer to walk through with them after the job is complete, just to ensure that the job was done at or above expectations.

As always, our terrific office staff is available to answer the phone when you call, ready to answer all of your questions and schedule your job.

We strive to be a GREAT customer service company that just happens to clean windows, not just a great window cleaning company.

Give us a try and compare our customer service to ANY other company. We know you’ll be impressed.